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Terms of Use

Thank you, for visiting our site. All content on the website, and downloads on the site are property of Siblings Support Network, with the exception of the Mental Health First Aid logo, graphics, and one sheet. All content on this site must not be used in whole or part without the permission of Sibling Support Network.


We respect the image and likeness of the people who appear on this site, so we ask that you do not download images from the site for personal or professional use.


The Sibling Support Network- Support Guide is a resource full of helpful suggestions when it comes to assisting and/or supporting a person who has lost a blood-related or fictive kin sibling to a violent crime. The guide is not exhaustive and should not be used as an alternative to appropriate professional treatment or seeking medical attention. In case of an emergency call 911.


We also respect the privacy of the people who join our mailing list. Your email address will not be shared or sold to any third party company, organizations or services.      

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