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Founded in 2015 and launched in 2017 by poet, storyteller and activist, Cheeraz Gormon following the death of her brother, John in August of 2013, Sibling Support Network is an organization dedicated to the mental health, and emotional well-being needs of people, 18-years old and over, who have lost either blood-related or fictive kin siblings to a violent crime. We advocate to bring awareness on how surviving siblings are impacted by the violent loss of their siblings, and provide trainings and workshops to educate, equip, and strengthen individuals, families, and communities. 


May of 2017, SSN released the “Loss of Sibling to Violence,” survey to investigate how surviving siblings are impacted by the loss of their sibling to violent crime. 


February 2019, Sibling Support Network released the Sibling Support Network- Support Guide, a guide of helpful tips for families, friends, and community members to better assist and/or support someone whose lost  a blood-related or fictive kin sibling to violent crime. Download a PDF version of the guide today for free.  


March 2019, Sibling Support Network began offering, adult Mental Health First Aid, a skills-based training course that teaches participants how to identify, understand, and respond to mental health and substance-use issues. Register for a training today. 


Siblings Support Network is a proud Pollination Project grantee. 





Our Mission

To assist individuals in healing the mental, and emotional wounds caused by losing a blood related or fictive kin sibling to a violent crime. We accomplish this by providing tools, resources, and spaces for individuals to live whole, again.  

Our Vision

When we heal the mental and emotional wounds of people who have lost one or several blood-related or fictive kin siblings to violent crime, we create a path that has potential to save lives, strengthen families and communities, opening the way for widespread healing and transformative justice that benefits all.  

Watch Siblings Support Network, founder and executive director Cheeraz Gormon's, December 2016 TEDx Talk, "For Those Caught In The Middle."

Cheeraz, poetically addresses the impact of losing her brother, John to a violent crime. She issues a call for us to start looking to those who have lost their siblings to violent crime as solutions to some of our most pressing public health issues.

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